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This Is What a Real Estate Foreclosure Attorney Can Do For You

If you’re behind on mortgage payments, you may be wondering how a real estate foreclosure attorney can help you. What is a Real Estate Foreclosure Attorney? A real estate foreclosure attorney can: Help you understand the government programs that can he …

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Freedom Mortgage Loan Modification – Problems & Solutions

Freedom Mortgage Company is a residential mortgage servicer that specializes in working with loans that are in default. Chances are, if you are working on a loan modification with Freedom Mortgage, you’re having a difficult experience working with them …

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SPS Loan Modification – Problems & Solutions

Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS) is a residential mortgage servicer that specializes in working with loans that are in default. If you’re struggling with an SPS loan modification – you are not alone! Read on to learn how to contact SPS, how to deal wit …

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How to Avoid Foreclosure With a Repayment Plan

If you’re behind on mortgage payments, you’re likely trying to understand all the different options available to you. A repayment plan is one option that can help resolve the default without having to pay everything you missed at one time. What is a re …

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What You Need to Know About a Mortgage Assumption

What is a mortgage assumption? An assumption is the term used by mortgage lenders to describe the process of taking over (or assuming) legal liability on a mortgage. When do mortgage assumptions usually come into play? In a Divorce situation: If you we …

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Common Problems With Mortgage Reinstatement

If you’re behind on mortgage payments, chances are –  you’re hearing bits of information about lots of different options available to you. One option to get current on your mortgage is to complete a mortgage reinstatement. What is a mortgage reinstatem …

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The Washington State Homeowner Mortgage Relief Program

What is the Homeowner Mortgage Relief Program? Washington State has proposed creating a new homeowner relief initiative called the Homeowner Mortgage Relief Program. It is the entity that will be responsible for managing the distribution of federal fun …

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Washington State Homeowner Assistance Fund – FAQs

1. What is the Homeowner Assistance Fund? The Homeowner Assistance Fund is a bill passed by the federal government allotting almost 10 billion dollars to help homeowners who are struggling with mortgage payments as a result of COVID-19. The purpose of …

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