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Did Your Loan Get Service Released to RightPath Servicing?

Did Your Loan Get Service Released to RightPath Servicing?

Did Your Loan Get Service Released to RightPath Servicing? 150 150 The Law Office of Nadia K. Kilburn

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RightPath Servicing

Homeowners across the country who have Mr. Cooper as their mortgage lender are starting to be contacted by an organization called RightPath Servicing.

It can feel confusing when they contact you – it’s hard to know who they are or how they’re involved with their loan.

Who is RightPath Servicing?

RightPath is a servicing organization that is part of Nationstar Mortgage / Mr. Cooper. RightPath and Mr. Cooper are owned by the same entity.

If your mortgage lender is Community Loan Servicing, they may be using RightPath as well.

If you have one of these two lenders (Mr. Cooper or Community Loan Servicing), they may have hired RightPath to help with the day to day management of your mortgage.

Why is RightPath Servicing involved with my mortgage?

Most mortgage lenders are using RightPath to “help” with the servicing of your mortgage – meaning, RightPath is being used to help with things like:

  • Loss mitigation negotiations (for loan modifications, short sales, or deed in lieu applications)
  • Issuing payoff statements (telling you how much you owe on your mortgage)
  • Issuing reinstatement quotes (how much is needed to get current on your mortgage if you have fallen behind on payments)
  • Issuing mortgage statements and escrow analysis statements

Use RightPath Servicing’s Online Portal System

RightPath does most of their communication through their online portal so the most important thing you can do if you believe RightPath is involved with your mortgage is to set up their online portal.

3 tips for using the online portal:

  1. Click on the left hand side of the portal under the “Miscellaneous Tab” in order to make sure you’re seeing all the documents they’re sending you.
  2. Make sure you check your messages frequently under the “Messages Tab.”
  3. Always call to double check that the status showing when you first log-in is accurate. RightPath will put a “status update” as the main page you see when you first log in to the portal. You should call them to verbally check on the status to make sure it’s accurate (especially if you’re going through a loss mitigation or loan modification review process).

RightPath Servicing’s Contact Information

If you have RightPath involved with your mortgage and you try to call your mortgage lender, they will transfer you to a RightPath representative. You can contact them directly at the numbers below:

Phone: 833-685-2589

Fax: 469-464-0343

If you’re struggling with RightPath Servicing in the state of Washington and need help, feel free to reach out to me for a free consultation at 425-654-1674.

How Can I Help?

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    • We are in Arizona and have major issues with Right Path. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Nadia…. Since July 2021, I have notarized a few hundred modifications and subordinate notes for various lenders and services. I’ve heard the borrowers’ experiences in getting to this point and it’s not pretty for many of them. I always hoped that my wife and I would not suffer the same anguish when the time came for our modification after our forbearance ended. Unfortunately, my worst nightmare came true.

      Between Community & Rightpath, we have been dragged through the mud and we’ve personally witnessed total incompetence or utter disregard but more than likely a combination of both. The latest event that has been the catalyst for taking my complaint to the next level is the 1098 statement sent by RightPath. They serviced our mortgage for 7 months during which they denied knowing how the payments we continued making were being appropriated. Interestingly, the 1098 reflects that they applied every cent we paid them towards interest. Something is not right.

      Unfortunately, we continued making those payments at Community’s and Rightpaths’ behest, as they claimed this would keep us in good standing while they finalized our modification. I knew this was a crock however our mortgage is not FHA backed and I felt that we had less leverage in dealing with these companies one-on-one.

      There is a lot more to this story of course but now I need to find a professional who can break down this newly worded loan modification we have been presented with. I don’t want to sign this but I also don’t want to lose my house. Time is of the essence for me to accomplish this.

      Is there a resource available of qualified attorneys such as yourself on a state by state basis? I am in Maryland.

      Thank you in advance if there is anything you can come up with for me.

      • Nadia Kilburn, Attorney at Law May 1, 2023 at 10:33 am

        Hi Ron – so sorry you went through this! I am not able to help you there in Maryland, I am only able to help in Washington state so keep searching for a lawyer to help you in your state.

    • Hi Ron and Nadia,

      I am in the same situation as Ron and his family — the nightmare of dealing with Right Path has been constant ever since my loan was transferred to them. In my case, I actually completed a loan modification with Community Loan Servicing and had a new loan (with better terms). Right after that new loan was obtained, my account was transferred to Right Path and, ever since, I have not been able to get Right Path to acknowledge the new loan. They insist on asking me to pay on my original, pre-forbearance loan.
      It’s been a constant battle for over a year now.

      At first I thought they were just incompetent (I did not have the benefit of already knowing about their reputation, so I assumed they were like other banks and were dealing honestly with me.) After a few months I realized they were willfully not servicing my new loan and I filed a complaint with the CFPB. In their response to that complaint they lied about what happened. The CFPB is a good organization but it will not help an individual writing for help. Or at least, they did not do anything in my case. It seems to mainly be an official area to report abuses and then the aggregate complaints are referred to law enforcement and legal entities for further investigation and possible prosecution.

      After the CFPB report I filed did not help me, I contacted a lawyer in California (in the Los Angeles area, where I live) who specializes in this area. So far, I highly recommend them. The Vortex Law Group – the primary attorney is Safora Nowrouzi.

      If you can find someone like this in Maryland, I think they can do a lot to help you.
      Just to let you know — it won’t be inexpensive but the idea is that you are going to recoup your legal fees from Right Path when they settle out of court.

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