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What To Do When a Borrower On The Mortgage Dies

When a borrower on a mortgage has passed away, there are a variety of situations, people and interests that have to be dealt with. The first thing to do is identify is who you are with relation to the mortgage and the borrower: You might be a co-borrow …

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How to Know if You’ll Get Any Money from the Sale of Your Home

If you’re behind on mortgage payments, financially stressed, or on the verge of missing a mortgage payment, you are probably wondering if you can get anything out of your house.

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Top Traits of a Distressed Sale Real Estate Broker

Financial stress can be unbearable. Trying to sell a home while going through financial stress can feel overwhelming, confusing and simply unmanageable if you’ve never done it before.

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DIY Distressed Home Sale Management

If hiring a Distressed Home Sale Manager isn’t an option for you, here are the things you can do to help yourself make it through the process.

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What is a Distressed Sale Manager?

Selling a home while going through financial hard times can be unbearable. It can be difficult, confusing, and simply unmanageable if you’ve never done it before. A Distressed Sale Manager can help you navigate the process. In particular, if your Distressed Sale Manager is an attorney, you will have the best shot at success.

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How to Get Approved for a Rental After Selling a Distressed Property

Renting an apartment with a low credit score can be a nightmare, especially if your low credit score is due to missed mortgage payments. Here are some helpful tips to getting approved.

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How to List Your Home and Apply for a Loan Modification at the Same Time

If you have found yourself on a tight foreclosure timeline with an auction date rapidly approaching, time is not on your side and chances are – you’re stressed. Fortunately, there is a way to try and keep the home while listing the home for sale.

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How to Handle L&I Liens When You Are Selling Your Home

It’s incredibly stressful trying to sell your home while you are in default or up against a foreclosure deadline. If you have an L&I lien, the process can be particularly challenging.

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