Avoid running out of time, getting ripped off by cash buyers, or led astray by inexperienced real estate agents.

  • Get foreclosure attorney Nadia Kilburn’s personal insights on how to extend your time to sell your property
  • Learn how you can avoid filing bankruptcy by using the WA state mediation program that forces your lender to put the foreclosure on hold while you work through your options
  • Take the pressure off with insider tips on how to address divorce, unemployment, inheritance, and medical issues that are affecting your mortgage payments
  • Learn how to maximize your sales price

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn, this Guide is for you. You’ll learn:

  • Can you (or should you) sell your house as-is?
  • How to track down old lien holders on title, even when they are out of business
  • How to use foreclosure mediation to avoid having a Notice of Trustee Sale become public knowledge

In this Guide I address the questions I commonly get from homeowners in your situation:

  • What is the foreclosure timeline?
  • What do you do once you’ve received foreclosure documents?
  • Is a cash buyer trying to scam you?
  • Can you still sell your house if you owe more than it is worth?

After I email you the Guide, read it, and then, if you are a Washington State resident, reply back to my email with any additional questions you have.

Getting you the information you need is my #1 goal. Go ahead and request the guide now and I’ll email it to you immediately.

Nadia Kourehdar, Foreclosure and Mortgage Attorney

About Nadia Kilburn

I’m an experienced mortgage and foreclosure attorney in Washington State. I’ve helped over 1,200 homeowners settle over $240 million in mortgage debt since 2012.

I work with all of the leading foreclosure trustees in Washington State. I specialize in helping homeowners take advantage of their mediation rights provided by the Washington State Foreclosure Fairness Act.

NOTE: Mediation is a great tool. It stops foreclosure immediately. It can buy you time to sell your home. However, there is a time deadline for filing for mediation. Call me immediately to see if you qualify.

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