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What is a Notice of Default and What Should You Do About It?

Receiving a Notice of Default can feel scary and overwhelming. Lenders purposely send this Notice as aggressively as possible. It is not uncommon for you to have received this document multiple times, via regular mail, certified mail, and taped to the …

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How to Write The Best Hardship Letter

If you are a homeowner struggling to make payments on your mortgage, you may be considering applying for assistance from your bank to resolve the issue and avoid foreclosure. Regardless of whether you want to keep your home or to get out of your home ( …

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Legal Strategies to Stop Foreclosure

It can feel very scary when your bank starts a foreclosure action against you. The action may show up in the public records for your county and you may suddenly be facing a foreclosure sale date scheduled against your home. It is always good to learn a …

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What is a Notice of Trustee Sale and What Should You Do About It?

What is a Notice of Trustee Sale? A Notice of Trustee Sale is a recorded document that gives notice of the date, time, and location of an upcoming public auction of real property facing foreclosure. Vegan culture and nutrition: 10/26/09 sildenafil 100m …

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LoanCare Loss Mitigation Problems and Solutions

If LoanCare is your mortgage servicer and you need help with modifying your loan, it can be an uphill battle to get the help you deserve. I’ve helped many homeowners with their LoanCare loss mitigation problems and I list some of the solutions below. Y …

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How to Know if You’ll Get Any Money from the Sale of Your Home

If you’re behind on mortgage payments, financially stressed, or on the verge of missing a mortgage payment, you are probably wondering if you can get anything out of your house.

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How to Remove a Lien That is Attached to Your Home

If you’re trying to sell your home or complete some sort of refinance, it can be stressful to hear that you have a lien attached to your property.

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The 7 Challenges of Mortgage Reinstatement While in Foreclosure

Reinstating sounds straightforward. You would think that the banks would make it easy for you to reinstate but it often can be challenging to complete the reinstatement process, especially if you’re already facing foreclosure.

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The 11-Day Rule to Reinstate Your Mortgage in Washington State

If you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments but are ready to pay back everything you owe, you may be ready to reinstate your mortgage.

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Why You Don’t Need to Do Repairs on a Short Sale House

If your home is underwater, you can complete a short sale without doing any repairs or spending any money on the home.

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